Our goal was to help you decide whether Firewall Manager is a good choice for your company's firewall and security requirements. We developed some criteria to help guide your decision, including:

  • Complexity.
  • Need for centralized management.
  • Number of virtual networks.

We applied these criteria to your fictional company. You determined that as your needs evolve, you have the option of implementing additional Azure Firewall instances. Each will have similar rules governing traffic flow. However, it's complicated to manage a complex virtual network, virtual WAN, and firewall settings.

Our criteria helped you evaluate whether your company requires Firewall Manager. You considered the complexity of your virtual-network structure, how many virtual networks you must manage, and whether you require centralized management capability. You now have enough information to decide whether Firewall Manager meets your company's growing requirements for virtual networks and firewalls.

You learned that you can use Azure Firewall Manager to manage your cloud-based security perimeters. You also learned that Azure Firewall Manager centrally manages your Firewall policies, virtual networks, and virtual WANs. Additionally, it enables you to reconfigure these components to suit changes in your organizational needs. Consider using Firewall Manager if you:

  • Have multiple Azure Firewalls you want to manage.
  • Want to integrate with third-party security partners.