Exercise - Create an Azure Storage Account by using the portal


Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is easy to set up. It requires a StorageV2 (General Purpose V2) Azure Storage account with the Hierarchical namespace enabled. Let's walk through an example of setting up a Data Lake Storage account in the Azure portal.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal

  2. Select Create a resource and in the textbox that states "Search the Marketplace type Storage account, and click on Storage account.

  3. In Storage account screen, click Create.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal showing the Create a resource, Storage account in highlights.

  4. Next, in the Create storage account window, in the Basics tab, under Project details section, ensure that your subscription is selected, and the appropriate resource group. Under the Instance section, define a storage account name. Set the Region to Central US. In the Performance radio button list, select Standard, and set the Redundancy to Locally redundant storage (LRS).

    Screenshot of Basics Settings for Creating Storage Account.

  5. Select the Advanced tab. Under the section Data Lake Storage Gen2, click the checkbox next to Enable hierarchical namespace, as shown below.

    Screenshot of Advanced Settings for Creating Storage Account.

  6. Select the Review + create tab, and click Create.

This new Azure Storage account is now set up to host data for an Azure Data Lake. After the account has deployed, you will find options related to Azure Data Lake in the Overview page.