Understand the Windows Virtual Desktop configuration workflow

Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop solution on Microsoft Azure is a fully managed desktop virtualization solution.

Prepare Deploy Optimize

Use this information to Prepare > Deploy > Optimize your Windows Virtual Desktop environments.

Prepare icon
In the first step, Prepare, we’ll walk through provisioning your first Windows Virtual Desktop host pool:
- Provision your Azure tenant
- Set up Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
- Integrate with Active Directory Domain Services
- Provision required administrator roles in Azure AD
- Set up the Windows Virtual Desktop tenant
Deploy icon
In the second step, Deploy, we’ll create and customize your first host pool:
- Find Windows Virtual Desktop in the Azure Marketplace
- Follow the six-step process and options to provision a Windows Virtual Desktop host pool
- Make apps available to users with app groups
Optimize icon
In the third step, Optimize, we’ll customize the basic Windows Virtual Desktop environment to take advantage of storage, file management, and automated scaling options:
- Set up FSLogix profiles to separate user profiles from virtual machines
- Configure OneDrive in Office 365 in Windows Virtual Desktop host pools
- Migrate files from local file shares using Azure File Sync
- Configure depth and breadth scaling automation