Exercise - List connections in a tenant

In this exercise, you will connect to Power Apps and Power Automate PowerShell cmdlets to list all connections that are in your tenant. You can use this information to determine which users are making connections through different connectors.

  1. Launch Windows PowerShell and select Run as Administrator.

    Run as Administrator

  2. Import the required modules by using the following commands:

    Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerApps.Administration.PowerShell

    Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerApps.PowerShell-AllowClobber

  3. If you are prompted to accept the change to the InstallationPolicy value of the repository, accept this change for all modules by entering A and then pressing Enter for each module.

  4. List all connections by using the Get-AdminPowerAppConnection command.

  5. At this point, you should be prompted for credentials. Enter your credentials while accounting for the prerequisites that were discussed at the beginning of this module.

  6. After you have entered your credentials, the cmdlet will run and all of the connections will be returned. Data that is returned includes the name of the connector, who created the connection, the environment, and its current status.

    Returned data