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Moving to the cloud is a complex undertaking. It requires the alignment of senior business leaders on the business value of making the move. They must then create an effective cloud adoption strategy that will be adopted by employees.

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure can help your business easily identify:

  • When to move to the cloud.
  • How to create an effective migration strategy.
  • Which approach to technology migration and modernization your business should take.

Now that you have reviewed this module, you should be able to:

  • Use the Cloud Adoption Framework to identify where you are in the digital transformation journey.
  • Identify triggers and opportunities for cloud adoption.
  • Recognize the components needed to develop a digital transformation strategy around your business, people, and technology.

Key takeaways

Here are the six key takeaways:

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  1. The three main components of the Cloud Adoption Framework (plan, ready, and adopt) can be applied to different stages for cloud adopters. They should be revisited often because cloud adoption is an ongoing journey, not a destination.

  2. A modernization trigger is an event that initiates the cloud adoption journey for an enterprise. The most common modernization triggers include datacenter contracts expiring, the need to deliver applications and features faster, urgent capacity needs, a software or hardware refresh, the need to address security threats, compliance, enabling new business opportunities, and software end of support.

  3. The Plan phase focuses on aligning technology decisions to business priorities, with clear business outcomes and setting the proper cloud rationalization approach.

  4. Readying your people, organization process, and environment for cloud adoption are critical factors in the success of your cloud adoption journey.

  5. Adopting the cloud technologies defined in your plan and for which you have readied your organization depends on what you're actually doing. Are you migrating or innovating with a new workload to the cloud?

  6. Governing and managing your cloud environment is as critical to your successful cloud adoption as any other stage. As such, it should be considered and executed properly.


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