Azure Database Migration Service automates the task of migrating your databases to the Azure SQL Database service.

Suppose you work for a company that aggregates social media links to provide recommendations to users of its website. The current infrastructure is having problems scaling up to handle the current demands. In addition, the infrastructure is becoming more expensive to maintain as the equipment ages.

The company's SQL Server database is hosted in a Windows virtual machine (VM) in Azure. To save costs and to provide a platform for rapid growth in the future, management has decided to migrate that database to Azure SQL Database. As the IT resource in charge of the database, you're tasked with the migration.

In this module, you'll learn how to use Azure Database Migration Service to accomplish the move to Azure SQL Database. First, you'll see how to use the Data Migration Assistant feature to examine your existing database for any compatibility issues with Azure SQL Database. You'll then use the service to migrate the database.

You'll deploy the resources in this workshop into a subscription that you can access. To estimate the expected costs for these resources, see the preconfigured Azure Calculator estimate of the resources that will be deployed.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Analyze your existing database for compatibility issues with Azure SQL Database.
  • Deploy your database schema to Azure SQL Database.
  • Migrate your data by using Azure Database Migration Service.


  • Access to an Azure subscription to complete the exercises.
  • Basic knowledge of the T-SQL language.
  • Basic familiarity with relational data, such as tables, rows, and database schemas.
  • Basic familiarity with SQL Server administration and configuration.
  • Basic familiarity with Azure SQL Database.