Exercise - Provision HDInsight to perform advanced streaming data transformations


To create an Azure Virtual Network, and then create the Kafka and Spark clusters within it, use the following steps:

  1. Open this link to sign into Azure portal and open the custom deployment page in a new window.

    This template creates the following resources:

    • A Kafka 1.1 cluster for HDInsight 3.6.
    • A Spark 2.2.0 cluster for HDInsight 3.6.
    • An Azure Virtual Network, which contains the HDInsight clusters.
  2. Use the following information to populate the entries on the Customized template section:

    Setting Value
    Subscription Select the subscription to create the clusters in.
    Resource group Click Create New to create a new resource group, and give the resource group a unique name.
    Location The Azure region to create the resources in.
    Spark Cluster Name Enter a name for the Spark cluster, for example spark-mslearn-stock. The first six characters must be different than the Kafka cluster name.
    Kafka Cluster Name Enter a name of the Kafka cluster, for example kafka-mslearn-stock. The first six characters must be different than the Spark cluster name.
    Cluster Login User Name Leave the default value of admin.
    Cluster Login Password Enter a password for the cluster login.
    SSH User Name Leave the default value of sshuser.
    SSH Password Enter the password for the SSH user.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions, and then select I agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

  4. Select Purchase.

  5. Click the Notification icon to watch the progress of the deployment.

    Deploying HDInsight

    When the deployment succeeds, the message changes to Deployment succeeded.

  6. Click Go to resource in the Notifications pane.

    Go to resource page in the Azure portal

    If you receive errors about the deployment, click the Notifications icon, ensure that the Kafka and Spark cluster names do not share the same six characters. If they do use the same six characters, retry the Azure Resource Template and correct the cluster names.