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As the Teams administrator for Northwind Traders, Allan DeYoung wants to determine and organize network requirements for connecting Microsoft Teams users across the entire organization. Allan is especially excited about creating representations of Northwind Traders using sites and Microsoft recommended personas. Which of the following tools will enable Allan to meet these goals?


Contoso is currently experiencing quality issues in video and voice. For example, media packets are arriving at different rates, packets are being dropped, and media packets are taking a long time to reach their destinations. Which of the following tools will enable Contoso to address these issues by more effectively managing their resources rather than having to add bandwidth?


As the network engineer for Fabrikam, Holly Spencer wants to build a network-wide view of call quality across the organization. Holly wants to include different building locations or endpoint-specific views such as wired or Wi-Fi connected devices. This reporting will enable Holly to assess the data to determine whether a problem is isolated to a single user or affects a larger segment of users. Which of the following tools will provide Holly with this reporting functionality?