Introduction to Azure DevOps project wikis


Azure DevOps Projects includes an option to create a project wiki.

Project wiki

The wiki to share information with your team to understand and contribute to your project.

Wikis are stored in a repository. No wiki is automatically provisioned.


You must have permission to Create a Repository to publish code as a wiki. While the Project Administrators group has this permission by default, it can be assigned to others.

To add or edit wiki pages, you should be a member of the Contributors group.

All members of the team project (including stakeholders) can view the wiki.


The following article includes details on creating a wiki: Create a Wiki for your project.

Editing the wiki

The following article includes details on publishing a Git repository to a wiki: Publish a Git repository to a wiki.


Azure DevOps Wikis are written in Markdown and can also include file attachments and videos.

Markdown is a markup language. The plain text includes formatting syntax. It has become the defacto standard for how project and software documentation is now written.

One key reason for this is that because it's made up of plain text, it's much easier to merge in the same way that program code is merged.

It allows documents to be managed with the same tools used to create other code in a project.

GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM)

GFM is a formal specification released by GitHub that added extensions to a base format called CommonMark. GFM is widely used both within GitHub and externally. GFM is rendered in Azure DevOps Wikis.


Mermaid has become an essential extension to Markdown because it allows diagrams to be included in the documentation.

It overcomes the previous difficulties in merging documentation that includes diagrams represented as binary files.

Mermaid Markup

Mermaid Rendering

Details on Mermaid syntax can be found here: Mermaid Introduction