Create a button or instant flow in Power Automate


There are many repetitive tasks that we all probably wish we could run with just a tap of a button. For example, you may need to quickly email your team to remind them to join a daily team sync.

What are button or instant flows?

Button flows allow you to accomplish these and many other tasks simply by tapping a button on your mobile device. These button flows are also referred to as instant flows.

Create a button or instant flow

In this example, let's create a button or instant flow that creates a new customer in Business Central every time when you tap a button.

To start the process, select Create in the menu and click the Instant flow tile.

Screenshot of the Create menu with Instant flow selected.

In the new screen, fill in the Flow name and as a trigger select Manually trigger a flow, then select Create and follow these steps.

  1. Select the trigger, click +Add an input, and complete the following steps.

    1. Select the Text icon.

      Screenshot of the manual trigger a flow window with text selected as input.

    2. Enter Number as a value in the first field and click +Add an input.

    3. Add Company name as a value in the Text field and click +Add an input.

    4. Repeat the previous steps for the Address, Phone number and E-mail fields.

    Screenshot of the Mamually trigger a flow settings.

  2. Click +Next to add an action.

  3. Add the Business Central connector in the Search connectors and actions field and select the Create record action. With this action, you can insert values entered in a previous step to a Business Central table you'll choose in the next step.

  4. In the Business Central - Create record action, enter the following values.

    1. In the Environment name, select PRODUCTION (or SANBOX if you are doing a test) and select the company you will use in the Company name field.

    2. Enter customers in the Table name.

    3. In the number field, enter Number from Dynamic content.

    4. In the displayName field, enter Company name from Dynamic content.

    5. In the type field, type Company.

    6. In the address street field, enter Address from Dynamic content.

    7. In the phoneNumber field, enter Phone number from Dynamic content.

    8. In the email field, enter E-mail from Dynamic content.

      Screenshot of the Create record screen with values set.

  5. When above data are configured, you can save the flow. You might want to add one more action that notifies when the customer is successfully created. To do this, click +Next step and add the following configuration.

    1. Add a Notification as the next action and select Send me a mobile notification as an action.

    2. In the Text field select displayName from Dynamics content and add the following text: 'was successfully added as a new customer to Business Central!'

      Screenshot of the send me a mobile notification window.

  6. Click Save to save this flow.

Trigger a button or instant flow

The app you just created with a button is designed as an app for a mobile device, so test and use it with your phone or another mobile device. If you want to test this app in your browser, run the flow from your Power Automate Studio. Run My flows from the menu in Power Automate Studio, select your instant flow and click Run. When you finish with entering all the data, you'll see in a log that the flow has successfully finished. Test if the new record exists in the Customer table of Business Central.

Screenshot of the Instant Customer Creation feature.

If you want to check how it looks like on your phone, sign-in into your Power Automate phone app and run your flow. Select the Buttons icon and click on your red button (in this case Instant Customer Creation). A form to enter data becomes available. When you finish, click Done and the process will be finished. This flow creates a new record in the Customer table in Business Central and notifies that you successfully created a new customer.

Screenshots of running an instant flow from the Power Automate phone app.