Collaborate with SharePoint in Microsoft 365

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Manage shared content with Microsoft SharePoint introduces you to the features and capabilities of SharePoint, and how it works with Microsoft 365. You'll learn about the different types of SharePoint sites, including hub sites, as well as information protection, reporting, and monitoring. You'll also learn how to use SharePoint file and folder sharing to optimize collaboration, how to share files externally, and how to manage SharePoint sites in the SharePoint admin center. This learning path can help you prepare for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate certification.


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft 365.

Modules in this learning path

Discover how SharePoint works with Microsoft 365. Learn the role and key tasks of the SharePoint administrator and the tools available to secure your environment.

Discover how to plan your SharePoint sites to optimize sharing and collaborating. Learn about the different types of sites and how to set them up.

Discover how sharing files and folders works in SharePoint. Learn how to share files externally.

Discover how to manage SharePoint sites in the SharePoint admin center. Learn about sharing and permissions, site usage, reporting and monitoring, and information protection.