Change history for commercial marketplace certification policies

Date Document version Change description
November 8, 2019 1.04 Added non-comparison language requirement and updating non-English content requirement in 100.1.

Updated link for 100.7.

Added 300.x Azure Applications.

Corrected terminology in 1100.3.

Added exceptions to 1140.3.

Added hyperlink to 1180.1.
September 20, 2019 1.03 Removed “custom” from 1180.x PowerBI custom visuals and 1200.x PowerBI custom visuals in additional certification.

Updated terminology on change history page.
August 16, 2019 1.02 Updated to “Microsoft commercial marketplace” terminology.

Updated 100.1, 100.3, 100.4, 100.8, 100.9, 100.10, 100.11, 100.12, and 100.13, and added 100.14 to incorporate additions from Office 365 policy integration and minor changes for consistency.

Added 700.x Managed Services.

Updated 800.4, 800.5, and removed 800.6 in Consulting Services.

Updated 1000.3 SaaS Acquisition, Pricing, and Terms to clarify SSO and Call to Action requirements.

Added 1100.x Office 365.

Added 1120.x Office Add-Ins.

Added 1140.x Teams.

Added 1160.x SharePoint.

Added 1180.x Power BI Custom Visuals.

Added 1200.x Power BI Custom Visuals Additional Certification.

Added 1220.x Excel.

Added 1400.x Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Added 1420.x Dynamics 365 CE.

Added 1440.x Dynamics 365 FinanceOps.

Added 3000.x Co-Sell Solutions.
April 26, 2019 1.01 Updated numbering for all existing items to reflect updated schema.

Updated 100.1 for readability and to add Useful Link info for non-English content.

Updated 100.2 for readability.

Updated 100.3 for grammatical errors.

Updated 100.5 for readability.

Updated 100.6 for readability.

Renumbered 20.1 through 20.5 to 100.8 through 100.12 to consolidate all General policies.

Added 100.13 to cover general business requirements.

Added 800-800.6 Consulting Services policies.

Added 1000-1000.3 SaaS policies.

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