Sign up for Microsoft 365 for Campaigns

Here's how to complete your sign-up for Microsoft 365 for Campaigns.

Before you start:

  • Get your invite to Microsoft 365 for Campaigns by completing the steps in Get Microsoft 365 for Campaigns.

  • Open your email invitation from Microsoft. The invite has a unique sign-up link for your organization. You need this to get campaigns special pricing.

  • Have your business credit card and a phone ready.


    Your sign-up link is unique to your campaign. It only works once, so make sure you have enough time to complete sign-up. You need about ten minutes.

Steps to sign up

  1. In your invitation to Microsoft 365 for Campaigns email, select ENROLL YOUR ORGANIZATION >. This takes you to Microsoft 365 sign-up.


    If you already have an existing Microsoft 365 for business subscription and you want to add the Microsoft 365 for Campaigns offer to it, go to add Microsoft 365 for Campaigns to an existing subscription.

  2. On the Microsoft 365 Business page, enter your business details. For Business email address, use a current email address. We only need this address to stay in touch with you during the setup process. Select Next.

  3. On the Create your user ID page:

    1. In Username, enter the name or alias you want for your email address. For example, you might want to be known as just Alice, or Rob. In a larger campaign, AliceC or AliceChavez might make more sense.
    2. In Your company, enter the name of the campaign you work for. For example, ContosoCampaign. If you already own a domain, use that name here.
    3. In Select a domain, select for now. We can set you up with a domain later, or help you get Microsoft 365 connected to a domain that you already own.
    4. Create a password and select Create my account.


    If your campaign or party doesn't own a domain, and you have decided what domain you want, you can buy one now by selecting it.

  4. Prove. You're. Not. A. Robot. page:

    1. Have your phone ready, and select Text me (or Call me if you prefer). Then enter your phone number.
    2. When you select Text me, we'll send you a verification code. Or we'll call you with a code if you select Call me.
    3. Enter the code from your text message (or call) and select Next. Expect a short wait.
  5. Where will you be using this page: Enter the campaign's primary work location details and phone number. Select Next.

  6. How does this look page:

    1. Verify the cost per user is $5.00.
    2. If you only want to set yourself up for now, select Next.
    3. Optional: Add some extra licenses now by changing the number in the user field. The staff you work with can be assigned licenses to Microsoft 365 at any time.
  7. How do you want to pay? page: Select New credit card, enter your business credit card details, and select Place order. If you prefer, it's also possible to use a bank account.

  8. This may take a moment page: You'll find details about where to sign in and your user ID. We'll also send this information to the email address that you entered during step 2 above.

Your sign-up steps are complete! If you want to continue with the next steps, select Start Setup, or come back later to finish the steps. When you're ready, check your email (from step 2) to find your user name and password so you can log in next time. These are called your admin or global admin credentials.

Steps to add Microsoft 365 for Campaigns to an existing subscription

If you already have and existing subscription to Microsoft 365 for business, for example, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, you can use the Microsoft 365 for Campaigns offer to add licenses to it.


You cannot add the Microsoft 365 for Campaigns offer to an existing Microsoft 365 account.

  1. In your invitation to Microsoft 365 for Campaigns email, select ENROLL YOUR ORGANIZATION >. This takes you to Microsoft 365 sign-up.

  2. On the Welcome, let's get to know you page, click or tap Want to add this to an existing subscription? Sign in.

    Choose Sign in on the upper right corner.

  3. On the sign in page, enter the admin alias for your existing subscription, for example, choose Next, enter your password, and then choose Sign in.

  4. On the How does this look? enter the number of users you have and choose Next. You don't have to enter a promo code here because it is already included in the invitation URL.

  5. On the How do you want to pay? page, enter your payment method and choose Place order.

After you have completed these steps, you're ready to assign the new licenses to your campaign staff.

What's next?