Integrating Microsoft products with your Learning Management System (LMS)

Microsoft Education and our third-party partners understand that the flow of teaching and learning invariably crosses solution boundaries. We're working on providing more seamless experiences, keeping educators and learners focused on their goals, rather than having to juggle tools. We're integrating Microsoft products wherever teaching and learning occurs, including within and alongside Learning Management Systems (LMS). We've worked with our LMS partners to create a suite of tools using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard that brings the best of Microsoft directly into your LMS.

These tools include a new OneDrive LTI app, a new Teams Meetings LTI app, and a new Class Teams LTI app. These new tools are highly secure and fully compatible with LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage standards. The OneDrive LTI app allows educators and students to bring OneDrive cloud storage and Office 365 files directly into assignment and content creation workflows within an LMS. The Teams Meetings LTI app allows educators and students to manage, schedule, and access their Teams Meetings from within a meetings hub in their LMS. The Class Teams LTI app allows educators to create a team for their course within their LMS using the LMS course roster with daily roster updates. Students can then access the team right from within the LMS. We are excited to bring these new tools to customers and continue to improve our solutions according to your feedback.

OneDrive LTI with Canvas

Learn more about using Microsoft OneDrive with your Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Brings Microsoft Office 365 directly into your workflows

The Microsoft OneDrive LTI app integrates with your LMS to bring Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Office 365 directly into your most important workflows that include:

  • Attaching resources and organizing content.

  • Starting collaborative documents.

  • Creating and grading assignments.

  • Secure and fully compliant with latest LTI standards

The Microsoft OneDrive LTI App is compatible with LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage. This advantage allows for a highly secure and tightly integrated user experience.

  • Modern and Rich User Experience

The Microsoft OneDrive LTI App brings the best of Microsoft right into your LMS experience. We're improving upon the existing Office 365 integration in your LMS by delivering a more modern user experience, complete with a new and expanded Microsoft OneDrive file picker and richer editing experiences for Office files. Microsoft will also fully own the Microsoft OneDrive LTI App going forward, which means you’ll always get the latest and greatest from Microsoft automatically.

The Microsoft OneDrive LTI App allows you to:

  • Attach Office 365 files including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel from the Rich Content Editor.
  • Distribute Office 365 cloud assignments.
  • View and organize your personal and course Microsoft OneDrive files.
  • Create collaborations where course members can work together on shared documents in real time.
  • Access multiple Microsoft OneDrive accounts, including personal and school accounts.
  • Integrate Office 365 files with your course modules.
  • Use your Microsoft account for single sign-on with your LMS.

For configuration steps, see Integrate Microsoft OneDrive LTI with Canvas.

Teams LTI apps

Teams Meetings LTI with Canvas

Microsoft Teams meetings LTI app helps admins incorporate Teams meetings into their educational institution's LMS course. Educators and students can view past and upcoming meetings, schedule individual or recurring meetings, and join team meetings related to the course, all from within their LMS.

For configuration steps, see Use Microsoft Teams meetings with Canvas.

Teams Classes LTI

The Microsoft Teams classes LTI app helps educators and students navigate between their LMS and Teams. Users can access their class teams associated with their course directly from within their LMS. You can find configuration steps below: