Microsoft Managed Desktop service description

Microsoft Managed Desktop is a service that provides your users with a secure modern experience and always keeps devices up to date with the latest versions of Windows 10 Enterprise edition, Office 365 ProPlus, and Microsoft security services, including:

  • Simplified enrollment of new devices
  • Configuration of devices
  • Features to keep users and devices secure, including Windows Hello, BitLocker, SecureBoot, and virtualization-based security according to Microsoft best practices
  • Device security monitoring and remediation services
  • App compatibility, through Desktop App Assure
  • Management of updates for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus apps
  • Analytical data about device and app usage
  • IT support for your end users
  • Operational support for IT pros

For details about the specific services included with Microsoft Managed Desktop, see the other topics in this section. If you've already decided that Microsoft Managed Desktop is for you, the topics in Get ready for enrollment in Microsoft Managed Desktop provide you with the steps to prepare to join the service.

  • Microsoft Managed Desktop supported regions and languages explains which regions and languages are supported with the service.
  • To guarantee the best experience for your end users, only certain devices are supported by Microsoft Managed Desktop. Program devices specifies the exact device models and configurations you can use with the service, whether you provide them or work with a partner.
  • Device services specifies the device-related services that Microsoft will provide to subscribers.
  • Device configuration clarifies the default and security-related Mobile Device Management policies that the service will apply to enrolled devices.
  • Security specifies the data collected from enrolled devices, as well as the features and policies related to device security, identity and access management, network security, and information security.
  • Updates describes the various update groups that Microsoft Managed Desktop uses to roll out updates to your devices.
  • Support clarifies the support Microsoft provides for your organization and end users.
  • Operations and monitoring explains how change management works with Microsoft Managed Desktop, including standard procedures for requesting and preparing for changes in the deployment.
  • Application requirements describes the types of apps and behaviors allowed in Microsoft Managed Desktop and the division of roles and responsibilities for app deployment and management.