Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.1 Administrator's Guide

The Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.1 Administrator’s Guide provides information and step-by-step procedures to help you administer the App-V 5.1 system and its components. This information will be valuable for system administrators who manage large installations with many servers and clients and for support personnel who interact directly with the computers or the end users.

Getting Started with App-V 5.1

About App-V 5.1|Evaluating App-V 5.1|High Level Architecture for App-V 5.1|Accessibility for App-V 5.1

Planning for App-V 5.1

Preparing Your Environment for App-V 5.1|App-V 5.1 Prerequisites|Planning to Deploy App-V|App-V 5.1 Supported Configurations|App-V 5.1 Planning Checklist

Deploying App-V 5.1

Deploying the App-V 5.1 Sequencer and Client|Deploying the App-V 5.1 Server|App-V 5.1 Deployment Checklist|Deploying Microsoft Office 2013 by Using App-V|Deploying Microsoft Office 2010 by Using App-V

Operations for App-V 5.1

Creating and Managing App-V 5.1 Virtualized Applications|Administering App-V 5.1 Virtual Applications by Using the Management Console|Managing Connection Groups|Deploying App-V 5.1 Packages by Using Electronic Software Distribution (ESD)|Using the App-V 5.1 Client Management Console|Migrating to App-V 5.1 from a Previous Version|Maintaining App-V 5.1|Administering App-V 5.1 by Using PowerShell

Troubleshooting App-V 5.1

Technical Reference for App-V 5.1

Performance Guidance for Application Virtualization 5.1|Application Publishing and Client Interaction|Viewing App-V Server Publishing Metadata|Running a Locally Installed Application Inside a Virtual Environment with Virtualized Applications

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