How to Apply Performance Settings to a MED-V Workspace

The following performance setting can be defined for each MED-V workspace:

VM memory allocation

Performance settings are configured in the Policy module, on the Performance tab.

To apply performance settings to a MED-V workspace

  1. Click the MED-V workspace to configure.

  2. In the Performance pane, configure the settings as described in the following table.

  3. On the Policy menu, select Commit.

Performance Settings Properties

Property Description

Adjust VM memory, based on amount of the Host machine's physical memory

Select this check box, and configure the following virtual machine properties in the table:

  • Host Memory—Define the common host RAM configuration in your organization based on any numbers of groups to configure.

  • VM Memory—Enter the amount of host memory to allocate to the virtual machine.

Creating a MED-V Workspace

Using the MED-V Management Console User Interface