Updating a MED-V Workspace Image

An image can be updated in one of the following ways:

  • The update can be pushed to the guest operating system using your enterprise software distribution system.

  • The update can be uploaded to the image Web distribution server, and then downloaded by the client and applied to the MED-V image.

  • The MED-V base image can be updated and redeployed.

How to Update a MED-V Image Using an Enterprise Software Distribution System

To update a MED-V image using an enterprise software distribution system

  • Refer to the documentation of the system you are using.

How to Update a MED-V Image Using Web Download

To update a MED-V image using Web download

  1. In MED-V management, on the Virtual Machine tab, ensure that the following settings are applied to the MED-V workspace policies that are associated with the MED-V image being updated:

    • The Suggest update when a new version is available check box is selected.

    • Optionally, the Clients should use Trim Transfer when downloading images for this Workspace check box is selected.

    For more information, see How to Apply Virtual Machine Settings to a MED-V Workspace.

  2. Upload the image update to the image Web distribution server.

    All clients with images that need to be updated automatically download the update and apply it to the image.

How to Update a MED-V Base Image

To update a MED-V base image

  1. Open the existing image in Virtual PC 2007.

  2. Make the required changes to the image, updating the image (such as installing new software).

  3. Close Virtual PC 2007.

  4. Test the image.

  5. After the image is tested, pack it to the local repository, using the same name as the existing image.

    If you name the image a different name than the existing version, a new image will be created rather than a new version of the existing image.

  6. Upload the new version to the server, push it to the image pre-stage folder, or distribute it via a deployment package.

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