Planning for UE-V 1.0

The goal of deployment planning is to help you successfully and efficiently deploy Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) so that it does not disrupt the user experience or the network. There are a number of different deployment configurations and prerequisites that you must consider before you create your deployment plan. This section includes information that can help you gather the necessary information to formulate a deployment plan that best meets your business requirements.

Planning information

Preparing Your Environment for UE-V

Provides prerequisites and recommended network configurations for UE-V.

Supported Configurations for UE-V 1.0

Lists the operating systems and computer configurations that are required for UE-V.

Planning for UE-V Configuration

Includes the following topics which provide specific guidance on UE-V configuration:

UE-V Checklist

Provides a list of steps to plan, deploy, and manage UE-V.

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