Plan to move your StaffHub teams to Shifts in Microsoft Teams


Effective June 30, 2020, Microsoft StaffHub will be retired. We're building StaffHub capabilities into Microsoft Teams. Today, Teams includes the Shifts app for schedule management and additional capabilities will roll out over time. StaffHub will stop working for all users on June 30, 2020. Anyone who tries to open StaffHub will be shown a message directing them to download Teams. To learn more, see Microsoft StaffHub to be retired.

Making the transition from StaffHub to Teams begins when you start planning for the change. To help ensure your move to Teams is successful, we've created a sample timeline that demonstrates a typical transition plan. The sample timeline outlines planning activities to prepare for the move and takes you through to moving your organization's StaffHub teams to Teams.

Use the timeline as guidance for planning your move from StaffHub to Teams and customize it according to the needs of your organization. Be sure to review the resources linked to the steps in the timeline.

Prepare to move your StaffHub teams to Teams

Step Guidance Resource
1 Prepare and identify stakeholders
2 Review the documentation on the transition from StaffHub to Teams and Teams onboarding StaffHub to be retired

Move your StaffHub teams to Shifts in Teams

Get started with Teams
3 Enable Microsoft 365 Groups for your organization Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams
4 Make sure prerequisites are met Check that prerequisites are met
5 Assign Teams licenses to StaffHub users in your organization Assign Teams licenses

Manage user access to Teams
6 Install the StaffHub PowerShell module Install the StaffHub PowerShell module
7 Determine timeline and identify StaffHub users for the move to Teams Run a report to show active StaffHub usage
8 Identify StaffHub users who don't have an Azure AD account (shows as "inactive" in StaffHub) and link an account for them Link an Azure AD account for StaffHub team members who don't have one
9 Create training content for users that's tailored for your organization Prepare a user readiness plan for Teams
10 Communicate to StaffHub users about the transition to Shifts in Teams StaffHub to Teams sample email communication to users
11 Install Teams clients Get clients for Teams
12 Assign the FirstLineWorker app setup policy to users (or create and assign a custom app setup policy) to pin the Shifts app to Teams clients Assign the FirstlineWorker app setup policy to users
13 Train users on how to use Shifts and Teams Onboard users to Teams

Shifts Help documentation

Teams Help documentation

Teams training videos
14 Review your list of StaffHub teams to make sure that all users on those teams should be moved to Teams. Remove users who shouldn't be on the schedule.

Move your organization's StaffHub teams to Teams

Step Guidance Resource
1 Identify a pilot team and move one team Move a StaffHub team
2 Validate the pilot team and identify any move issues. Update training documentation as needed.
3 Identify additional pilot teams and move five to ten teams Move your StaffHub teams
4 Identify remaining StaffHub teams and move them in a phased approach Move your StaffHub teams
5 Continue to provide support for Shifts and Teams
6 If self-service password reset is enabled, run a report for supporting logon issues in Teams Run a report for self-service password reset setup