Work with OneNote page content

In the OneNote add-ins JavaScript API, page content is represented by the following object model.

OneNote page object model diagram

  • A Page object contains a collection of PageContent objects.
  • A PageContent object contains a content type of Outline, Image, or Other.
  • An Outline object contains a collection of Paragraph objects.
  • A Paragraph object contains a content type of RichText, Image, Table, or Other.

To create an empty OneNote page, use one of the following methods:

Then use methods in the following objects to work with the page content, such as Page.addOutline and Outline.appendHtml.

The content and structure of a OneNote page are represented by HTML. Only a subset of HTML is supported for creating or updating page content, as described below.

Supported HTML

The OneNote add-in JavaScript API supports the following HTML for creating and updating page content:

  • <html>, <body>, <div>, <span>, <br/>
  • <p>
  • <img>
  • <a>
  • <ul>, <ol>, <li>
  • <table>, <tr>, <td>
  • <h1> ... <h6>
  • <b>, <em>, <strong>, <i>, <u>, <del>, <sup>, <sub>, <cite>

Accessing page contents

You are only able to access Page Content via Page#load for the currently active page. To change the active page, invoke navigateToPage($page).

Metadata such as title can still be queried for any page.

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