Picture Property

Specifies the bitmap to display on an object. Syntax object. Picture = LoadPicture(pathname) The Picture property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. A valid object.
pathname Required. The full path to a picture file.

Remarks While designing a form, you can use the control's property page to assign a bitmap to the Picture property. While running a form, you must use the LoadPicture function to assign a bitmap to Picture. To remove a picture that is assigned to a control, click the value of the Picture property in the property page and then press DELETE. Pressing BACKSPACE will not remove the picture.

Note For controls with captions, use the PicturePosition property to specify where to display the picture on the object. Use the PictureSizeMode property to determine how the picture fills the object.

Transparent pictures sometimes have a hazy appearance. If you do not like this appearance, display the picture on a control that supports opaque images. Image and MultiPage support opaque images.