ScrollBar Object (Outlook Forms Script)

Returns or sets the value of another control based on the position of the scroll box.


A ScrollBar is a stand-alone control you can place on a form. It is visually like the scroll bar you see in certain objects such as a ListBox or the drop-down portion of a ComboBox. However, unlike the scroll bars in these controls, the stand-alone ScrollBar is not an integral part of any other control.

To use the ScrollBar to set or read the value of another control, you must write code that uses the ScrollBar control's Value property. For example, to use the ScrollBar to update the value of a TextBox, you can write code that reads the Value property of the ScrollBar and then sets the Value property of the TextBox.

The default property for a ScrollBar is the Value property.

To create a horizontal or vertical ScrollBar, drag the sizing handles of the ScrollBar horizontally or vertically on the form.

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