IBlogExtensibility members (Office)

An object that provides the ability to manipulate blog entries.


Name Description
BlogProviderProperties Contains information about the provider.
GetCategories This method returns the list of blog categories for an account so Microsoft Word can populate the categories dropdown list.
GetRecentPosts Returns the list of the user's last fifteen blog posts that Microsoft Word then displays in the Open Existing Post dialog. This method does not actually return the blog post contents.
GetUserBlogs Returns the list and details of user blogs associated with the specified account.
Open Opens the blog specified by the blog ID. It is called by the Open Existing Post dialog based on the item selected by the user.
PublishPost Hands off the current post so it can be published by the provider.
RepublishPost Hands off the current post so it can be republished by the provider.
SetupBlogAccount Called from the Choose Account dialog when the provider's name is chosen in the Blog Host dropdown or when the user requests to change a provider's account in the Blog Accounts dialog box.