WebOptions.Encoding property (Publisher)

Returns an MsoEncoding constant that specifies the encoding of the web publication. Read/write.



expression A variable that represents a WebOptions object.

Return value



If the AlwaysSaveInDefaultEncoding property is set to True on a given WebOptions object, any subsequent attempts to set the Encoding property on that object will be ignored.

The Encoding property value can be one of the MsoEncoding constants declared in the Microsoft Office type library.

Attempting to set the Encoding property to an MsoEncoding constant that is not available on the client computer results in a run-time error.


The following example tests whether the web publication is currently set to be saved by using default encoding. If so, the AlwaysSaveInDefaultEncoding property is set to False, and the Encoding property is used to set the encoding to Unicode (UTF-8).

Dim theWO As WebOptions 
Set theWO = Application.WebOptions 
With theWO 
 If .AlwaysSaveInDefaultEncoding = True Then 
 .AlwaysSaveInDefaultEncoding = False 
 .Encoding = msoEncodingUTF8 
 End If 
End With

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