Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways Content Updates for April

Learning pathways strives to adhere to a quarterly content update cycle. The following list the content updates for April 2020.

April 2020 Content Updates

In response to current events, the April 2020 Content Update provides learning playlists and resources designed to enable remote work in your organization. We’ve added a new set of Work remotely playlists, significantly updated the Microsoft Teams content, especially for Teams meetings, added a new set of Office for the web playlists, and added new Microsoft Forms assets. As part of the update, we've also provided a list of Remote Work resources for administrators.

To learn more about how content updates are applied, and how to manage content updates, see Manage Content Updates. The following lists the April 2020 Microsoft 365 learning pathways content updates.

Office 365 was rebranded to Microsoft 365

Office 365 has been rebranded to Microsoft 365. The name change is reflected throughout the Microsoft 365 learning pathways content.

New or Updated Playlists

The following playlists have been added or updated.

Work remotely (2 new playlists/11 new assets)

A new Work remotely subcategory was added to learning pathways that features the following playlists and assets:

learning pathways work remotely playlist

Work remotely (5 new assets)
  • Work remotely with Office 365
  • Get started at
  • Communicate or meet
  • Store your work files
  • Advanced alternatives
Best practices for collaborating with Office 365 (6 new assets)
  • Get started
  • Share
  • Co-author
  • Chat in files
  • Meet
  • Mobile

Teams (9 new assets/6 updated assets)

A variety of updates have been made to Teams content.

Collaborate in teams and channels (1 new/1 updated asset)

  • Create and use private channels (new)
  • Show or hide channels (updated)

Start chats and calls (2 new/1 updated)

  • Start and pin chats (new)
  • Hide chats, delete messages (new)
  • Make calls (updated)

Explore apps and tools (1 new)

  • Use apps (new)

Work with posts and messages

  • Post a message to multiple channels (new)

Manage meetings (3 new/4 updated assets)

  • Join a Teams meeting (new)
  • Create instant meetings with Meet now (updated)
  • Meet in a channel (new)
  • Manage meetings (new)
  • Show your screen during a meeting (updated)
  • Show PowerPoint slides (updated)
  • Move around during a Teams meeting (updated)

Work with post and messages (1 new)

  • Post a message to multiple channels (new)

Office for the web

Office for the web provides a set of playlists for scenarios where users want to create, share, and collaborate with Office on the web. This set of content is also valuable for organizations that are making the switch from Google G Suite to Microsoft 365.

Get started (5 new assets)

  • Get started
  • Find it with Search
  • Create new documents
  • Get back to work
  • Recommended files

Outlook for the web

  • Get to know Outlook for the Web
  • Create an reply to email
  • Organize your Inbox
  • Create a signature and automatic reply
  • Schedule an appointment or meeting
  • Create an edit a contact
  • Search for email, contacts, and events

Word for the web

  • Get to know Word for the Web
  • Change document layout
  • Insert tables and pictures
  • Collaborate online
  • Cool things in Word for the Web

Excel for the web

  • Get to know Excel for the Web
  • Create formulas
  • Insert a PivotTable
  • Get insight with ideas
  • Collaborate
  • Save time with Flash Fill
  • Paint a picture with Conditional Formatting

PowerPoint for the web

  • Get to know PowerPoint for the Web
  • Insert pictures, shapes, and more
  • Animation and transitions
  • Create a presentation with others
  • When you’re ready to present
  • Designing slides

Share your documents

  • Share your documents
  • Create a shareable link
  • Secure your docs only to specific people
  • Share with someone outside your organization

Microsoft Forms

By request, there are also some new Forms assets.

Forms (4 new assets)

  • Create a form
  • Share a form
  • View results of a form
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Forms

Resources for supporting your remote workforce

You can use learning pathways to build a landing page in your learning pathways site for supporting remote workers. Or you can add the learning pathways web part to an existing support page on your learning pathways site and filter the web part to show the Work Remotely playlists. Here’s a list of some of the top resources from Microsoft for supporting remote work in your organization.

For more information about how to customize Learning Pathways, see Customize learning pathways.

November 2019 Content Updates

Welcome to the Microsoft 365 learning pathways content update. Starting with our November 2019 update, we'll provide an updated inventory of the learning pathways catalog on a quarterly basis. For the November 2019 update, the following new content subcategories and playlists have been added to the learning pathways catalog. To learn more about how content updates are applied, and how to manage content updates, see Manage Content Updates.


Several new playlist have been added to the Teams subcategory.

  • Work with posts and messages (3 assets)
  • Upload and find files (2 assets)
  • Set up and attend live events (4 assets)
  • Manage your activity feed (2 assets)
  • Teams on the go (2 assets)

Microsoft 365 Success Center

We've added a Microsoft 365 learning pathways Success Center subcategory to the learning pathways experience. The Success Center provides the following playlists.

  • What’s New, What Changed (3 asset)
  • Plan your learning content (2 assets)
  • Customize learning pathways (8 assets?)
  • Drive Adoption of learning pathways (1 asset)
  • Measure impact of learning pathways (1 asset)


The following playlists has been added to the Outlook subcategory.

  • Outlook mobile: Manage your inbox (4 assets)
  • Outlook mobile: Manage your time (8 assets)
  • Outlook mobile: People and connections (5 assets)
  • Outlook mobile: Search and share (4 assets)


The following video assets have been added for OneDrive.

  • Set up your iPhone or iPad has been added to the Intro to OneDrive playlist
  • Turn on OneDrive Backup has been added to the Manage your files with OneDrive playlist


The following playlists and assets have been added to the catalog.

  • Planner Quick Start (6 assets)
  • Use Planner (8 assets)


The Accessibility subcategory of content has been added with the following playlists.

  • Microsoft 365 Accessibility Overview and Resources (3 assets)
  • Create more accessible email messages in Outlook (3 assets)
  • Create more accessible Word documents (8 assets)
  • Create more accessible Excel workbooks (3 assets)
  • Create more accessible slides in PowerPoint (5 assets)


NOTE: Changes need to be added here.....


The Sway subcategory of content has been added with the following playlists.

  • Sway Quick Start (4 assets)
  • Share and access Sway (5 assets)
  • Add content to Sway (11 assets)
  • Customize Sway (5 assets)


  • Access Quick Start (4 assets)
  • Intro to Access (3 assets)
  • Create an Access database (2 assets)
  • Add tables (2 assets)
  • Use relationships (5 assets)
  • Add and edit data (2 assets)
  • Manage data with queries (5 assets)
  • Create forms (1 asset)
  • Create reports (2 assets)
  • Protect databases (1 asset)