Learning pathways setup options

Learning pathways provides the flexibility to set up the solution in a couple different ways. The following sections outline the options available.


As of 5/21/2019, Microsoft 365 learning pathways is the new name for the solution formerly known as Custom Learning for Office 365. If you have already provisioned Custom Learning for Office 365 in your organization and want to update the solution, follow the “Updating the solution” instructions in the Microsoft 365 learning pathways ReadMe. If you are provisioning Microsoft 365 learning pathways for the first time, see Provision Microsoft 365 learning pathways instructions in the Microsoft 365 learning pathways documentation.

The SharePoint Online Provisioning Service provides the fastest, easiest, and recommended method for setting up Custom Learning. With the SharePoint Online Provisioning Service, an Office 365 tenant admin signs into the service, makes a few choices, and clicks Add to Tenant to provision the Custom Learning Site and the Custom Learning Web part. When provisioning is done, the Tenant Admin receives an email that the site is ready to go.

Stand alone learning pathways web part setup

For organizations that already have an established SharePoint Online modern communication training portal, learning pathways provides the option to manually install the Microsoft 365 learning pathways web part into an existing SharePoint Online site. Note that the site must be a modern SharePoint Online site. This method requires Tenant Admin permissions and experience with Windows PowerShell or the SharePoint Online Management Shell. Note that this method requires more technical expertise then the SharePoint Online Provisioning Service setup.

Update learning pathways

Organizations that have used the SharePoint Online Provisioning Service to install earlier versions of Microsoft 365 learning pathways, previously called Custom Learning for Office 365,can update the solution to the latest version. For instructions on how to check the version deployed against the most recent version of the solution, along with instructions on how to update the solution, see the "Updating the solution" section of the ReadMe file.

Next Steps - Provision Microsoft 365 learning pathways