SharePoint for US government environments

This article provides an overview of feature differences between the US government cloud and the commercial cloud as listed in the SharePoint service description. SharePoint is available for the Government Community Cloud (GCC), GCC High, and DoD environments.

For more info about the government cloud, including eligibility and purchasing, see Microsoft 365 Government - how to buy. To compare Office 365 Government plans, see Office 365 Government plans.

To learn about required endpoints when managing network connectivity, see the Office 365 U.S. Government GCC High endpoints or Office 365 U.S. Government DoD endpoints.

In addition to enjoying the features and capabilities of Office 365, organizations benefit from the following features that are unique to the US government cloud environments:

  • Your organization’s customer content is logically segregated from customer content in the commercial Office 365 services from Microsoft.
  • Your organization’s customer content is stored within the United States.
  • Access to your organization’s customer content is restricted to screened Microsoft personnel.
  • The government cloud environments comply with certifications and accreditations that are required for US Public Sector customers.

It's our goal to deliver all SharePoint commercial features and functionality to the government cloud environments. Some features aren't available because of the requirements of government cloud customers. Other features are coming to the government environments, but not yet available. Refer to the following sections to learn about feature availability in the government cloud environments.

Developer features

There are no known differences between the developer features for commercial customers and those for government cloud customers.

  • Connections to external applications such as data sources for add-ins are limited to sources that are located within the system security boundaries supported by your government environment.
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) functionality is supported for connectivity scenarios in which the data sources remain reachable within the security boundary for your cloud service.

If you use third-party applications on sites, review the privacy and compliance statements provided by the third parties when assessing the appropriate use of these services for your organization. Third-party applications and services might involve storing, transmitting, and processing your organization's customer data on third-party systems that are outside of the government cloud and therefore not covered by its compliance and data protection commitments.

IT admin features

Here are the differences between the IT admin features for commercial customers and those for government cloud customers.

  • Changing a site address is not available for GCC High customers
  • Hybrid SharePoint Server is not available for all government cloud customers
  • The SharePoint Migration Tool and Migration Manager require a configuration change. For info, see SPMT government cloud support.
  • is not yet supported
  • Multi-geo is not available for all government cloud customers

For info about FastTrack migration, see the Office 365 US Government service description.

Security and compliance features

There are no known differences between the security and compliance features for commercial customers and those for government cloud customers.

For information about security and compliance features, see the Security & Compliance Center.

For information about Azure Active Directory features for government, see Azure Government Security + Identity documentation.

For information about Azure Information Protection features for government, see the Azure Information Protection Premium Government Service Description.

Sites and content

Here are the differences between the sites and content features for commercial customers and those for government cloud customers:

  • Web parts that rely on connections to Internet services, such as the Amazon Kindle, Bing Maps, Twitter, and YouTube web parts, won't work as expected
  • Organization assets library is not available
  • Adding lists and pages to Teams isn't available for GCC High and DoD customers

Search features

Here are the differences between the search features for commercial customers and those for government cloud customers:

  • Microsoft Search integration is not available.

Sharing and sync

For feature differences between the commercial cloud and the government cloud environments, see File sharing.

Plan for governance

Your move to the cloud offers transformative experiences with built-in admin controls. Determine your requirements for governance and how you can meet them. Go to Plan for governance to transform teamwork with Microsoft 365 for more information. You will find guidance about Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Teams and more.

Deploy SharePoint for collaboration

After you set up your organization in the Microsoft US government cloud, follow the recommended deployment path outlined in the SharePoint adoption resource center. Be sure to engage with your Adoption and Change Management champions. You can also work with FastTrack or your chosen partner to roll out the service to your users. Visit the Microsoft Trust Center to learn more about how Microsoft approaches security, privacy, and compliance, core tenets for how we empower organizations to serve their customers.