Resource management

The following resource management features are available in Project Online.

Approve/reject/modify incoming resource engagement requests

You can accept, reject, or modify incoming resource requests based on the overall resource view. For details, see Accept or reject an engagement request.

Manage resource pool

Manage an enterprise resource pool - both by individual and in bulk. For more information, see Add a resource to Project web app and Add or update enterprise resources using an external data file.

Plan resource capacity

When you need to know if resources are overbooked, you can use the Capacity Planning view in the Resource Center to compare how many hours a resource is able to put in versus how many hours they're needed on projects. For details, see Evaluate resource capacity.

Request resource agreements

Gives you the ability to systematically request a resource's time. For details, see Request a resource's time.

View available resources and build teams

Gives you the ability to build teams from available resources.