Sending and Receiving the PidTagIdsetGiven ICS State Property

The property tag for this property suggests that it is of type PtypInteger32 ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.11.1), but the data MUST be handled as PtypBinary ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.11.1) data by both clients and servers. Clients and servers SHOULD send the PidTagIdsetGiven property (section with a property tag that defines it as PtypInteger32; however, servers SHOULD accept this property when the property tag identifies it as PtypInteger32 or PtypBinary.

This property is ignored for synchronization upload operations and is not downloaded back to the client in the final ICS state obtained for them through the RopSynchronizationGetTransferState ROP. Clients SHOULD remove this property before uploading the initial ICS state on synchronization upload contexts and clients MUST merge this property back in when receiving the final ICS state from the server. However, if the client does not remove this property before uploading the initial ICS state, there is no server impact. Clients MUST add IDs of messaging objects created in or originating from a local replica to this property by using a process called checkpointing, as specified in section