Sending a RopSynchronizationOpenCollector ROP Request

A client SHOULD upload the initial ICS state, as specified in section, into the synchronization context returned in the RopSynchronizationOpenCollector ROP (section response prior to using any RopSynchronizationImport* ROPs. However, the client can elect not to upload the initial ICS state. For details about how that would affect the responsibilities of the protocol roles, see section

Be sure to update the stored MetaTagIdsetGiven property (section value with internal identifiers of the objects that were imported into the server replica. These identifiers either are returned in the RopSynchronizationImport* ROP responses or can be extracted from GID structures ([MS-OXCDATA] section sent as the input PidTagSourceKey property (section values.

For details about the client behavior when receiving a response to this ROP, see section