Sending a RopSynchronizationImportHierarchyChange ROP Request

When uploading new folders, clients SHOULD update the ICS state that corresponds to the chosen synchronization scope by adding the Folder ID structures ([MS-OXCDATA] section of new folders to the MetaTagIdsetGiven property (section upon successful completion of this ROP.

Changes to parent folders MUST be made before changes to child folders. For example, the client cannot send the RopSynchronizationImportHierarchyChange ROP (section with a subfolder change before informing the server of the existence of the parent folder.

To move a folder to a different subfolder within the same private mailbox, the client MUST pass the PidTagSourceKey property (section of a destination parent folder in the PidTagParentSourceKey property (section in the HierarchyValues field while passing the value of the PidTagSourceKey property of the folder being moved in the PidTagSourceKey property. Moving folders within a public mailbox is not supported.