2.2.56 [RFC5545] Section Description


The specification states that non-standard, alternate text representation, and language property parameters can be specified on the DESCRIPTION ([MS-OXCICAL] section property.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

Microsoft Exchange Server exports no parameters except LANGUAGE on the DESCRIPTION property. On import, Microsoft Exchange uses the first LANGUAGE parameter found in the following properties of a VEVENT component:

In all other cases, parameters on the DESCRIPTION property are ignored.


The specification states that the DESCRIPTION property can be specified within the VEVENT, VTODO, VJOURNAL, or VALARM components, and may be specified multiple times in a VJOURNAL component.

Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, Exchange 2019

Microsoft Exchange can export at most one DESCRIPTION property on a VEVENT component. Microsoft Exchange exports exactly one DESCRIPTION property on a VALARM component, and the value is "Reminder". Microsoft Exchange does not export a DESCRIPTION property for any component other than a VEVENT or VALARM.

On import, if multiple DESCRIPTION properties are present in a VEVENT component, Microsoft Exchange ignores all but the first. Microsoft Exchange ignores DESCRIPTION properties on any component other than a VEVENT.