checkin document

The checkin document request is used by the client to enable the currently authenticated user to check in and unlock a document under source control which was previously checked out for editing using the checkout document (section request or the get document (section request with a "checkout" argument in the get_option parameter. The server MUST NOT check in a file if it has a short term lock.


service_name: This parameter is deprecated; see service_name in section

document_name: For semantics, see document_name in section client MUST send and the server MUST interpret this URL-STRING (section as the service-relative path of the document to check in.

comment: A STRING (section that provides a checkin comment for the file being checked in. This parameter MAY be omitted by the client and defaults to an empty string.

keep_checked_out: A BOOLEAN (section value that SHOULD determine a specified document's behavior in source control. If TRUE, the document SHOULD be checked in to source control and immediately checked back out; if FALSE, the document SHOULD be checked in. The server MUST treat this as equivalent to the "checkout" PUT-OPTION-VAL, as specified in Put-Option (section Clients MAY omit this parameter, which defaults to FALSE.

time_checked_out: A TIME (section that indicates the client's record of the time and date at which the file was last checked out. The server MAY refuse to commit the checkin if the time does not match the server's record of the time the file was checked out.

validateWelcomeNames: For semantics, see validateWelcomeNames in section

Entry Point


Return Values

meta_info: For semantics, see meta_info in section This METADICT (section contains all the metadata available to the client for the document that has been checked in after the operation has been completed.