The UpdateList element specifies the details for updating list properties and adding, removing, or updating fields.

 <s:element name="UpdateList">  <s:complexType>
       <s:element name="listName" type="s:string" minOccurs="0"/>
       <s:element name="listProperties" minOccurs="0">
         <s:complexType mixed="true">
             <s:element name="List" minOccurs="0">
                   <s:element name="Validation" 
                       <s:attribute name="Message" type="s:string" use="optional" />
                 <s:attribute name="AllowMultiResponses" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                  <s:attribute name="Description" type="s:string" />
                 <s:attribute name="Direction" type="s:string" />
                 <s:attribute name="EnableAssignToEmail" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="EnableAttachments" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="EnableModeration" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="EnableVersioning" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="EnforceDataValidation" type="core:TRUEFALSE" use="optional"/>
                 <s:attribute name="Hidden" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="MultipleDataList" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="Ordered" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="PreserveEmptyValues" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="ShowUser" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="StrictTypeCoercion" type="core:TRUEFALSE" />
                 <s:attribute name="Title" type="s:string" />
       <s:element name="newFields" type="tns:UpdateListFieldsRequest" 
                  minOccurs="0" />
       <s:element name="updateFields" type="tns:UpdateListFieldsRequest" 
                  minOccurs="0" />
       <s:element name="deleteFields" type="tns:UpdateListFieldsRequest" 
                  minOccurs="0" />
       <s:element name="listVersion" type="s:string" minOccurs="0"/>

listName: The GUID, or the list title, of the list from which to update properties and fields.

listProperties: The properties of the specified list.

Validation: An expression, as specified by [MS-WSSTS] section 2.9. Each data-reference in the expression MUST correspond to a valid DisplayName attribute of a field (2) in the current list. If present, it MUST not be longer than 1024 characters.

Validation.Message: A message used to indicate that validation was not satisfied. If present, it MUST not be longer than 1024 characters.




Specifies whether multiple responses are allowed for a given user when the list is a survey list. The value MUST be ignored when the list is not a survey list.


A string that contains the description for the list.


A string that MUST contain one of the following values: "LTR" if the reading order is left-to-right, "RTL" if it is right-to-left, or "None". If "None", the default value is taken from the list template.


TRUE to enable assigned-to e-mail for a list of type issues list.


TRUE to enable attachments to items in the list. Does not apply to document libraries.


TRUE to enable content approval for the list.


TRUE to enable version control for the list.


TRUE if the protocol server SHOULD enforce the field properties that limit the data values that can be stored in that field.


TRUE to hide the list so that it does not appear on the Documents and Lists page, Quick Launch bar, Modify Site Content page, or Add Column page as an option for lookup fields.


TRUE to specify that the list in a meeting workspace site contains data for multiple meeting instances within the site.


TRUE to specify that the option to allow users to reorder items in the list is available on the edit view page for the list.


TRUE if Null values are preserved for expression evaluation. FALSE if there are no special requirements on how the protocol server treats Null values.<82>


TRUE to specify whether to show the survey respondent's name in the survey results.


TRUE if expressions anywhere in the list that include invalid type casts such as casting a date to a string SHOULD return an error instead of attempting to perform the cast.<83>


A string that contains the title of the list.

newFields: An UpdateFieldsRequest object that defines the new fields to be added to the list.

updateFields: An UpdateFieldsRequest object that defines the fields to be updated in the list.

deleteFields: An UpdateFieldsRequest object that defines the fields to be deleted from the list.

listVersion: A string representation of an integer value that specifies the current version of the list. This is used to determine if the protocol client is working off of the same version of the schema that is currently maintained by the protocol server. The ListVersion is set to the value of Version retrieved from a previous GetListItemChangesSinceToken call (section with no changeToken parameter included, or a GetListItemChangesWithKnowledge call (section with no knowledge parameter included or where the schema on the protocol server changed or from a call to the GetList (section or GetListAndView (section operations. If the listVersion value sent up in the UpdateList request does not match the current version, the protocol server MUST respond with a SOAP fault with error code 0x81020015. This indicates that the changes being requested via UpdateList will conflict with whatever changes have already been made to this list that resulted in the protocol server listVersion being higher than the one sent by the protocol client.