Property Condition

The server maintains a list of property conditions (section associated with each file management job, and for each property condition maintains a minimal set of configuration properties. The actual data backing these abstractions is owned and encapsulated by the file management job abstraction model. The configuration of a property condition is saved concurrent with the configuration data of the file management job that encapsulates the property condition. A property condition references a property definition (section and is used to compare a file's property value with a specific value using the specific type of comparison stored in the property condition.

The management operations that a protocol client can perform involving property conditions are specified in section The following configuration data is maintained for each property condition on the system:

Property Condition.Name: This property is a Unicode string that is the name of the property definition the property condition uses for comparison.

Property Condition.Type: This property identifies the property condition as one of 12 types of property condition, as defined in the FsrmPropertyConditionType enumeration:

  • Equal

  • Not equal

  • Greater than

  • Less than

  • Contains

  • Exists

  • Not exists

  • Start with

  • End with

  • Contained in

  • Prefix of

  • Suffix of

Property Condition.Value: This property is a Unicode string that identifies the value to use when comparing the property condition to a property on a file.

Property Condition.Parent: This property is a reference to the Non-persisted File Management Job Instance that created this object. The Property condition maintains the reference to allow removal of the object from the parent object.