Software Package

The administrative plug-in software package ADM element provides a reference to an executable or installation database that allows an application to be deployed and gives information about how to do this. It MUST consist of the following elements:

  • PackageName

    User-friendly name of the application.

  • Publisher

    Name of the application publisher.

  • VersionHi

    Major version number of the application.

  • VersionLo

    Minor version number of the application.

  • Revision

    Version number of the deployment. The version number MUST change each time an application gets updated.

  • PackageId

    This GUID MUST be unique in the domain for this software package. The objectGUID attribute of the PackageRegistration object MUST be used for the PackageID.

  • OutofScopeBehavior

    Indicates what to do if the client has installed the application in the past but policy application messages for this policy target no longer include this software package. This corresponds to the ACTFLG_UninstallOnPolicyRemoval and ACTFLG_OrphanOnPolicyRemoval flags of the packageFlags attribute defined in section, packageFlags Attribute Values.

  • ProductId

    If this application is installed by Windows Installer, this member MUST be the ProductId GUID. If this application is not installed by Windows Installer, this member MUST be a NULL GUID.

  • Language

    Numerical language identifier that indicates the language version of the application.

  • Vendor

    Friendly name of the application vendor.

  • User Assistance Resource

    A URL to a resource that allows users of the application to obtain support.

  • LastUpdateTime

    MUST be the last UTC time at which a write administration operation was performed on this software deployment.

  • PackageType

    MUST indicate the type of package used to install the application. This corresponds to the packageType attribute defined in section packageType Attribute Values.