Class Store Creation Message

The class store container of the gpContainer object in Active Directory is the container for all PackageRegistration objects that represent deployed software. This message MUST be an LDAP addRequest message, as specified in [RFC2251]. The message MUST have the fields shown in the following table.




MUST be a DN of the form CN=Class Store,<scoped gpo dn>, where <scoped gpo dn> is a scoped GPO DN.


 MUST specify the attributes objectClass and description in an attributeList, as specified in [RFC2251].

The attributes member is itself a sequence of attribute name and value pairs. The following table specifies these pairs and their meanings.

 Attribute name




MUST be the directory string value classStore.

The name of the Active Directory object class type to create through this message.


This field MUST be the directory string value Application Store.

A field whose value indicates a well-formed object.