3.2.1 Abstract Data Model

This section describes a conceptual model of possible data organization that an implementation can maintain to participate in this protocol. The described organization is provided to facilitate the explanation of how the protocol behaves. This document does not mandate that implementations adhere to this model as long as their external behavior is consistent with that described in this document.

A NetBIOS name server (NBNS) needs to maintain the following data structures:

Name record: A data structure that contains a name and the associated attributes.

Name records collection: A collection of all name records that are either registered by this NBNS server or obtained by replication.

Global version counter: A 64-bit unsigned integer that tracks the version number that is given to the next record to be updated.

Server configuration: Parameters maintained in persistent storage include the following:

§ Refresh interval

§ Extinction interval

§ Extinction timeout

§ Verify interval

§ Process priority class

§ Number of worker threads