Verify your domain ownership to become global admin

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Account admin

To work in Partner Center, you must first verify ownership of your domain and become a global admin for your company. In addition, your employees will not have been assigned the roles necessary to begin working. To work in the Partner Center everyone needs to have a role, which includes permissions, assigned to them.

Verify your domain ownership to become a global admin in Partner Center

To become a global admin for your company, you need to verify domain ownership.

  1. On the Partner Center dashboard, from the Membership offers page, select Become a global admin.

  2. On the Verify domain ownership page copy the TXT values from the table. Notice that your domain is already selected for you.

  3. Sign into your domain.

  4. Follow the steps your domain provides to paste the TXT values into the DNS form. This allows us to verify that you own the domain you are trying to work from.

  5. Return to Partner Center and select Okay, I've added the record

  6. Once verification is complete you need to sign out. Sign in again to refresh your status.

Verifying ownership of your domain also makes you a global admin. Some of the permissions that come with the global admin role are:

  • Can access all Microsoft account/services with full privileges
  • Create support tickets for the Partner Center
  • View agreements, price lists, and offers
  • Billing
  • View, create, and manage partner users
  • Purchase and manage cloud services

Find the company's global admin

  1. From the Settings icon at the top right of the Partner Center, select User management.

  2. Filter on global admin in the search box. A list of global admins in your company will appear. If your company doesn't yet have a global admin, follow the instructions below.

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