Purchase commercial marketplace products for your customers in Partner Center

Applies to

  • Partner Center
  • Partners in the CSP program

Appropriate roles

  • Global admin
  • Admin agent

As a partner in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, you can use the commercial marketplace to purchase subscriptions for your customers to certain Software as a Service (SaaS) products offered by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

By offering ISV SaaS subscriptions to your customers, you can help differentiate your business. You can also give your customers access to software bundles that address their specific business needs. You manage licenses and subscriptions for these marketplace SaaS products from ISV publishers just as you manage licenses and subscriptions for Microsoft products.

You can purchase either license-based SaaS subscriptions or usage-based subscriptions. To learn more about the difference between license-based and usage-based billing, see Billing basics.

Purchase license-based SaaS subscriptions in Partner Center

You purchase subscriptions for license-based SaaS products offered by ISV publishers using the same process you use to purchase subscriptions for Microsoft products.

To purchase a license-based SaaS subscription in Partner Center, see Create, suspend or cancel customer subscriptions.

You can also use Partner Center APIs to create commercial marketplace subscriptions for your customers. (For more info on using Partner Center APIs, see Create a subscription for commercial marketplace products.)


As a partner in the CSP program, you can only purchase license-based SaaS subscriptions from ISV publishers within Partner Center. This means you can purchase any license-based SaaS offer the ISV publisher has made available to you, including exclusive offers to which you have access. To purchase or manage other, commercial marketplace offers from ISVs (such as usage-based, metered or consumption-based offers involving Azure applications, Containers or VMs), you must go to the Azure management portal. For more information, see the following topic.

Purchase usage-based subscriptions in the Azure management portal

In contrast to license-based SaaS subscriptions from third-party ISV publishers, usage-based subscriptions first require a customer to have an Azure subscription. Billing for commercial marketplace, usage-based resources falls under the customer's Azure subscription. Once your customer has an Azure subscription, a partner in the CSP program can follow these steps to purchase a commercial marketplace subscription for them:

  1. Sign into the Partner Center dashboard, then select Customers from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select the specific customer, then select Subscriptions.

  3. Under the Usage-based subscriptions, select All resources. This takes you to the Azure Management portal.

  4. In the Azure Management portal, select Create a resource from the left-hand menu.

  5. Select See all at the top of the Azure Marketplace list.

  6. To narrow your list, use filters at the top of the Marketplace list. For example, you can select Microsoft or Partner from the Publisher dropdown list to view only offers from Microsoft or those from an ISV publisher.

  7. Choose a specific offer, then select Create.

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