Enroll as a Control Panel Vendor to help integrate CSP partner systems with Partner Center APIs

Appropriate roles: Global admin

A Control Panel Vendor (CPV) is an independent software vendor that develops applications for use by Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners to enable them to integrate their systems with Partner Center APIs. A Control Panel vendor is not a CSP Partner with direct access to the Partner Center dashboard or Partner Center APIs.

Whether you are a current Control Panel Vendor (CPV) or a new CPV who wants to work with Microsoft partners, Microsoft now requires you to enroll in Partner Center in order to register your applications and support Cloud Solution Provider partners. To create an account, a CPV partner can either use an existing CSP partner tenant, or existing CPV tenant or can create a new tenant as part of onboarding process. If the CPV partner chooses to use the existing CSP tenant, then they'll need to create separate multi-tenant applications and register them in Partner Center for CPV activities. An application can't be registered as both a CSP and CPV application. After you have enrolled in Partner Center and registered your applications, you will have access to the Partner Center APIs. Contact Microsoft through a Microsoft Support request if you need a sandbox account. If you already have a sandbox account, continue using it. You won't need a new sandbox

Review the Microsoft Control Panel Vendor agreement

Working in Partner Center

Once you have enrolled in the Partner Center CPV experience and accepted the CPV agreement, you can:

  • Manage multi-tenant applications (add applications to Azure portal, register, and unregister applications in Partner Center).


    CPVs must register their applications in Partner Center in order to get authorized for Partner Center APIs. Adding applications to the Azure portal alone does not authorize CPV applications for Partner Center APIs.

  • View and manage your CPV profile

  • View and manage your users who need access to CPV capabilities. Global admin is the only role a CPV can have.

Next steps

-Add additional tenants to your Partner Center account