Merge your partner account with another partner account

Appropriate roles: Account admin

Two or more companies who are active Microsoft partners and have accounts in Partner Center can choose to merge their accounts.

What happens when two partners elect to merge their Partner Center accounts

  • The partner organization who initiates the merge will be the Partner global account (PGA).

  • The invited organization’s PGA becomes a location of the initiating company.

  • All the locations of the merging account become locations under the PGA.

  • Once the account merger is complete, you will see both account’s details such as locations and users within the PGA profile. You can't reverse this process.

  • All MPN IDs for locations are preserved during this consolidation.

  • User's roles are brought over. For example, if a user had been the incentives admin for a specific location, they would still have that role after the merger and be able to see the incentives they saw prior to the merger.

  • Azure AD tenants and CSP accounts are not merged and have no effect.

  • Published offers and Co-sell pipeline data associated to both companies are preserved

View of merged accounts

Account merger.

What to expect if you have been invited to merge your Partner Center account with another Partner Center account

If you decide to accept the invitation to merge accounts: · Your MPN ID(s) and locations will be merged into the PGA of the partner account that invited you.

  • Your users will be brought into the merged account with their roles intact.

  • Existing benefits and competencies will be preserved for both companies after the merger until renewal. At renewal, the accounts will be treated as one company and standard renewal rules will apply.

Understand the impacts to programs and benefits when partners elect to merge accounts

  • All existing competencies (Gold/Silver), purchases (such as Microsoft Action Pack), and associated benefits are preserved during consolidation. If both companies have the same competency but one's is gold and the other silver, the competency with highest proficiency level will be awarded, and partners will have one set of silver benefits and one set of gold benefits for that competency until their next renewal.

  • Highest anniversary date for Microsoft Action Pack will be retained after the merger. For example, if the anniversary date for company 1 is June 2020 for Action Pack renewal and the anniversary date for Action Pack renewal for company 2 is October 2020, Microsoft will use the October 2020 date as the new anniversary date for the merged company.

  • During the account merger and until your next renewal, each account will retain their Action Pack and/or competency benefits. At renewal, standard Action Pack and competency renewal rules apply.

  • Upon renewal, benefits that are included with competency attainment and Action Pack are implemented for the partner company’s partner global account:

    • Microsoft Action Pack: The partner company will be able to purchase one Action Pack per partner global account.

    • Competency: The partner company will receive one package of core benefits, associated to their highest attainment, plus competency-specific benefits the partner is eligible for per partner global account.

  • All benefits are subject to the Microsoft Partner Network benefits usage guide. For example: an activated O365 E3 token is functional for 12 months after activation. Once a token has been activated for licenses on a tenant, those licenses may not be moved to another tenant.

  • The MCP ID associations for both companies will be retained and associated with the PGA MPN ID.

  • Go-to-market and technical benefits are offered as competency core benefit. Post-merge, it’s recommended that you check your bank and tax information to ensure accuracy.

  • If your company is in the Azure Expert MSP program, benefits are retained until renewal.

  • If your company has earned advanced specializations, they are retained across both accounts are retained.

  • Any software assurance vouchers are retained across both accounts.

  • There is no effect to DPOR or PAL association. Any associated revenue contributions will begin to flow into the new Partner Global Account

Invite a company to merge their Partner Center account with your Partner Center account


To perform the account merger, you must be the Account admin for your company.

  1. Select Settings from your Partner Center dashboard.

  2. Select Account merge.

  3. Add the MPN ID located in the Partner profile of the account that you want to invite to merge with you. You must use their Partner global MPN ID. You can't use a location MPN ID.

  4. When you select Merge, an invitation is sent to the partner company. When they accept your request, you can initiate the account merge within Partner Center. If the company rejects your request to merge accounts, they can explain why they rejected the request. A list of all your account merges is available to you under Merge history.

Example of two companies merging accounts

  1. Contoso, Ltd. has

    a. a global MPN ID of 1111111 and one subordinate location MPN IDs of 2222222.

    b. an Azure AD tenant =

    c. a gold competency that expires October 1, 2020

  2. Fabrikam, Inc. has

    a. a global MPN ID of 3333333 and two subordinate location MPN IDs of 4444444 and 5555555

    b. an Azure AD tenant =

    c. two gold competencies that expire December 1, 2020

  3. Contoso buys Fabrikam and goes to Partner Center to initiate a merge request.

  4. Fabrikam signs into Partner Center and goes to the same page as Contoso did in step #3, to approve Contoso’s request.

  5. Contoso reviews the details of the merge on that same page and provides confirmation to proceed with the account merger.

  6. After the merger, the company account will display as:

    a. A company named Contoso with a global MPN ID of 1111111 and 4 subordinate location MPN IDs of 2222222, 3333333, 4444444, and 5555555

    b. It will have two Azure AD tenants ( + that have access to the same Partner Center account

    c. It will have two competency benefits packages, one that expires October 1, 2020 and another that expires December 1, 2020. They'll be able to renew as a single competency benefits package on December 1, 2020. When they renew, Contoso will retain all three competencies even though they can only maintain a single benefits package.

  7. Contoso’s admins will continue to manage Partner Center roles for’s users. Fabrikam’s admins will continue to manage Partner Center roles for’s users. Contoso’s admins can only administer Fabrikam’s users if they are invited as a guest into Fabrikam’s tenant.

  8. Contoso could decide to ignore the tenant, and reissue the Fabrikam employees new credentials with new roles and permissions.

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