Update your partner profile

The first time you sign into Partner Center as an admin, make sure your support details are correct, file tax exemptions if appropriate, and review the contact information in your profiles. If your organization has more than one location, review your location data for accuracy.

Update your support details

  1. Go to Settings > View all settings >Partner Profile.
  2. In the Support section, select Update.
  3. If any of your customers call Microsoft looking for support, Microsoft will point them back to the website, email, and phone contact info that you list in your support profile.

File tax exemptions

  • Decide whether tax exemptions apply to you, and if so file them before you add any customers or subscriptions. See Tax and tax exemptions.

Verify your profile information

  1. Go to Settings >View all settings .
  2. Review your Partner profile, Partner billing profile, and Organizational profile.

Manage your Partner profile

You can now update your legal address on Partner Center.

  1. Go to Settings > View all settings >Partner Profile.
  2. Select Update next to Legal address.


You can't change the country associated with your legal address.Your legal address country is tied to your tenant and services. For details, read Change your legal address.

  1. When you select Submit, your legal identity will be re-assessed, and you will receive another email which you will need to accept.