Verify your partner profile

The first time you sign into Partner Center as global admin, make sure all your company details such as primary contact, legal business name and address, and program information is correctly added. If your company has more than one location, review your location data for accuracy. As global admin, billing admin, or admin agent, you will also be able to see and update your billing and tax information.

Verify your partner profile information

Your partner profile consists of your legal business information, primary contact name and email, the programs which your company participates in, and if relevant, your other companies that are now merged under your legal business.

  1. Go to Settings and select Partner profile.

  2. Review your Legal business profile, Primary contact info, and your Program info.

If you have merged your other companies under your legal business, you can review their information as well on this page.

You can now update your legal address on Partner Center.

  1. Go to Settings and select Partner profile.

  2. Select Update next to Legal address.


You can't change the country associated with your legal address.Your legal address country is tied to your tenant and services as well as the currency you do business with.

  1. When you select Submit, your legal identity will be re-assessed, and you will receive another email which you will need to accept.

If, during your migration from Partner Membership Center to Partner Center, the wrong business was identified as the legal business, you can change it to the correct business.

  1. From Account settings go to Locations and make sure the business you want as your legal business is in the list. If it isn't, you can add it. Select Add location.

  2. Next go to Partner profile and select Update legal business profile.

  3. Select the location and business you want to use as your legal business and then select Save.

Update your billing address

If you are the global admin, billing admin, or admin agent, you can change the address that appears on your invoice in your Billing profile. You can't, however, change the company name on your invoice because of a limitation with the invoice system.