Verify your account information when you enroll in a new Partner Center program

Appropriate roles

  • Global admin
  • MPN account admin

When you enroll in a new program in Partner Center, Microsoft verifies the account enrollment information you have provided, such as your company name, company address, and primary contact details. During this process, Microsoft may send email to your primary contact to inform them of the status and request additional verification documentation.


To ensure that you receive the email, be sure to flag email from as a "safe" domain, and check Junk email folders.

If you are the primary contact (Global admin or Account admin), we recommend you go to your Partner Profile to monitor verification status and track progress.

For MPN program, go to this page.

For CSP program, go to this page.

What is verified and how to respond

Type of verification What is verified What to do if rejected
Email ownership Email ownership verifies that the primary contact (primary email) address is valid. The primary contact email address must be a work account that is monitored and can send/receive email. Partners shouldn't use: (1) a personal email address not associated with the company domain. (2) a tenant user sign-in not associated to email (for example, If you don't receive the email ownership verification email message within one business day, you can request we resend using the following links: for MPN, for CSP. In the profile page, click on "Resend verification email" link for Microsoft to resend the email to you. To ensure that the email is received, be sure to flag email from as a "safe" domain, and check Junk email folders.
Employment Employment verification confirms the primary contact is an employee of the enrolling company by virtue of having an active email address on an email domain owned by the company. If employment verification is rejected, the primary contact (normally your Global or Account Admin) will need to provide documentation confirming the contact's email domain is under the ownership of their employer. Create a Support ticket.
Business Confirm that the company name and address in your Legal business profile are free of spelling errors and abbreviations and match your formal company business registration records exactly. If you are operating as a Sole Proprietor, you need to update your company name to be your legal name. Business verification confirms that the enrolling company is a legitimate business entity and at the address used for the enrollment. If business verification fails, the primary contact (normally your Global or Account admin) will be asked to provide official documentation, such as a business registration or tax registration certificate or receipt, from the company's home country or municipality confirming that the company is authorized to do business under that entity name and is located at the enrollment address. Create a Support ticket


Learn how to update your Legal Business Profile (address).

When verification concludes

Once the verification process is complete, the verification status of your enrollment on the profile page will change from "pending" to "authorized," and the process steps with status displayed on that page will disappear. The primary contact will receive an email from Microsoft within a few business days after the verification is completed.

After signing into your profile, if you see Pending actions, complete the necessary changes as follows:

  • For MPN program, go here.
  • For CSP program, go here.

If you need assistance completing these steps in Partner Center, you can contact the partner support team by opening a ticket in the Support section of Partner Center. Start here.