CSP one-time purchase reconciliation file fields

Appropriate roles: Account admin | Billing agent

Using the recon file

The table below gives descriptions and sample values for the fields in the reconciliation file for CSP one-time purchases.

For more information on reconciliation files, see Use the reconciliation files.

Column Description Sample value
PartnerId Unique identifier in GUID format for a specific billing entity. Not required for reconciliation. Same in all rows. 0e195b37-4574-4539-bc42-0e539b9684c0
CustomerId Unique Microsoft identifier for the customer in GUID format. 196e2273-9651-43a3-ba7e-7cbcd918fc40
CustomerName Customer's organization name as reported in Partner Center. This column is important for reconciling the invoice with your system information. Johnny Modern Cust DE2
CustomerDomainName Customer’s domain name. testcustomerdomain.onmicrosoft.com
CustomerCountry The country where your customer is located. See the full list of countries for your region. DE
InvoiceNumber The invoice number associated with the reconciliation file. G002297372
MpnId MPN identifier of the CSP partner. For more information, see how to itemize by partner. 6034453
ResellerMpnId MPN identifier of the reseller of record for the subscription. 6048879
OrderId Unique identifier for an order in the Microsoft billing platform. May be useful to identify the order when contacting support. Not used for reconciliation. 0ET2qaZvJGfF9wgSKnWzR5JLmhp10lOc1, 6dc5c039750a
OrderDate Date in UTC the order was placed. 10/3/2020
ProductId The product's unique identifier. DZH318Z0BNZ5
SkuId The SKU unique identifier. 006G
AvailabilityId The availability unique identifier. DZH318Z08B80
SkuName The SKU name. Tables - LRS
ProductName The product name. Tables
ChargeType The type of charge or adjustment. New
UnitPrice Price per unit or license, as published in the price list at the purchase time. For the applicable countries/regions, the unit price may be displayed in different supported currencies. During reconciliation, ensure that this corresponds to the information maintained in your billing system. 0.045
Quantity The number of licenses. Be sure this matches the information stored in your billing system during reconciliation. 1
Subtotal Total before tax. The subtotal should equal the effective unit price multiplied by the exchange rate and billable quantity. The order of multiplication is different for usage and license-based products. See the following:
Usage-based: ROUNDDOWN(ROUNDDOWN(EffectiveUnitPrice * BillableQuantity,2) * PCToBCExchangeRate, 2)
License or seat-based: ROUNDDOWN(EffectiveUnitPrice * PCToBCExchangeRate,2) * BillableQuantity
TaxTotal Tax amount charge. Based on your market's tax rules and specific circumstances. 0
Total The total amount is equal to the subtotal plus the tax amount. 0.045
Currency The invoice’s billing currency. Your bill is generated in the context of the partner’s billing currency. EUR
PriceAdjustmentDescription The reasons for the adjustments in the unit price. These are the main reasons, but not limited to determining the effective unit price. ["15.0% Partner earned credit for services managed"]
PublisherName Publisher of the product. Microsoft
PublisherId A unique identifier the Partner Center uses to identify the publisher. NA
SubscriptionDescription The name of the service offering purchased by the customer, as defined in the price list. This column is an identical field to OfferName. Azure plan
SubscriptionId Unique identifier for a subscription in the Microsoft billing platform. Not used for reconciliation. This identifier isn't the same as the Subscription ID on the partner admin console. 307628f1-d9d2-f09c-ea1f-4183f0cae308
ChargeStartDate The subscription’s billing start date in a billing period. It starts from the purchase date and repeats on the same day every month or every year according to the billing plan. 9/1/2020
ChargeEndDate The subscription’s billing end date in a billing period. The billing plan determines this. For more information, see How do monthly term subscriptions expire. 9/30/2020
TermAndBillingCycle The duration commitment to continue the subscription at the time of purchase. For more information, see How do I find the billing term in a reconciliation file?. Data Stored (GB/Month), One-Year commitment for monthly/yearly billing
EffectiveUnitPrice The prorated unit price to calculate the cost for the charge cycle. Discounts, adjustments in billing days, and other factors determine the effective unit price. For more information, see Effective Unit Price Calculation. 0.03825
UnitType The type of unit in which the meter is charged. 1 GB/Month
AlternateId The alternate ID of the referenced order line item. 6dc5c039750a
BillableQuantity The total quantity being billed. 0.005001
BillingFrequency The billing plan selected at the time of purchase.
One-time payments and all unbilled transactions have no billing plans.
Monthly, Annual
PricingCurrency The unit price’s currency. If the customer is from a different location than the partner, the currency is most likely the customer’s location currency. Otherwise, it should be the same as the billing currency. USD
PCToBCExchangeRate The exchange rate applied for pricing currency to billing currency. 0.846202666
PCToBCExchangeRateDate The date on which the pricing currency to the billing currency is determined. 9/30/2020
MeterDescription Meter description. Tables - LRS Data Stored (GB/Month)
ReservationOrderId The order ID displayed after purchasing an Azure reservation. It's only used internally, except for Azure reservations. See the note section for more information on mapping daily consumption and charges to monthly costs. 55eebd03-c6e7-4593-8ba8-0bb7c0b25e02
CreditReasonCode The reason why the credit is given. Azure Credit Offer
SubscriptionStartDate The date when a subscription is purchased. 5/1/2021
SubscriptionEndDate The date when a subscription expires. 4/30/2022
ReferenceID The linkage to transactions that occur concurrently with a user event. 025d68a6-1bd6-42ab-9636-15e8d776a30e
ProductQualifiers The identifier to know Add-on or Trial purchases. ["Add-on"]
PromotionID The identifier to use to fetch the promotion’s information. CFQ7TTC0LDPB:1:CFQ7TTC0GZQJ


You can reconcile your Azure consumption in your one-time purchase recon file. To do this, go to your daily-rated usage recon file and search for your SubscriptionID. This will display all costs associated with your Azure plan ID. Your Azure SubscriptionID is shown as the EntitlementID.


You can reconcile Azure reservation consumption by linking the ReservationOrderId attribute from the monthly consolidation file with the same ID under the AdditionalInfo attribute of the daily rated usage file.

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