Overview: Main billing and tax articles in Partner Center

Appropriate roles: Admin agent | Billing admin | Global admin | Sales agent

This article provides links to information about billing and tax topics in Partner Center including billing resources, invoices, CSP billing, and taxes.

Topic Description
Billing basics Basics of Partner Center billing (including payments, invoices, and reconciliation files).
Types of billing Explanation of different types of billing in Partner Center.
Understand your bill How to read and understand your Partner Center bill.
Free trials How to offer free trials to your customers and how these trials are billed.
Reconciliation file How to read and use your reconciliation file for line items.
Common billing scenarios How to understand common Partner Center billing scenarios (for monthly and annual billing, as well as billing for one-time and recurring purchases).
Tax responsibilities and exemptions Explanation of your tax responsibilities and tax exemptions for Partner Center sales.
Azure spending budget How to set an Azure spending budget for your customers.
Non-payment, fraud or misuse How to manage non-payment, fraud or misuse by your customers in Partner Center.
Request an SLA credit for outages How to request an SLA credit from Microsoft for your customers when there is a service outage.

If you're looking for Partner Center API billing information and resources, see the developer billing documentation.

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