Applies to

  • Partner Center
  • Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

For your bill, go to the Partner Center menu and then select Billing to see your billing history and trends, links to your invoice and reconciliation file, and your most recent payment.

Partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program who choose to be billed monthly pay Microsoft 60 days in arrears for their customers' subscriptions (both license-based and usage-based).


Your invoice is a summary of all charges -- across the program, products, and customers -- for the current billing period, and is available within two (2) days of your selected billing date in UTC time. For example, if you have a September 12th billing date, the invoice generation process will begin at 12:00AM UTC on the 13th and complete by 12:00AM UTC on the 14th. If you do not see your invoice by 11:59PM UTC on the 15th, you're out of your Service Level Agreement and should file a service request.

Key information to know about billing your customers:

  • Microsoft doesn't have any requirements or conditions about how you handle your own invoicing.
  • To determine a customer's usage, use the customer ID/name and other relevant fields within the reconciliation files.
  • Add your own fees and charges for services and products that you provide.
  • Send a single bill for all charges to your customer.

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