Understand your incentive payouts

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  • Partner Center

Incentive admins and users get an overview of earnings and payments they have either received or are about to receive from their incentive programs.

Summary information on earnings and payout

Incentives users and incentives admins can see their financial position in the incentives programs they are participating in on Payout summary. You can analyze each area of the summary information in detail, as needed.

On the summary page, you can follow trends that analyze in which months you get paid and for which type of program. In contrast, you can also see what you have earned both by program and by location. This enables you to understand where you are successful and where you might put more energy into marketing and sales. The Payouts summary page shows earnings and payouts.The incentives data will be refreshed every 48 hours. The charts and tables reflect the latest information.

There are three key indicators used on the Summary page:

Key indicators Definition
Total paid to date Amount of money Microsoft has paid you
Unpaid earnings Amount of money that you have earned but has not been scheduled for payout
Upcoming payment Amount of money scheduled for payout(s)

Analyze earnings and payouts for each of the incentives programs. Tracking the timeline between earnings and payouts will be useful in planning for future resource needs and more. You can also find out which locations are more successful or more active in incentives programs.

Payment trends section of the summary shows you your payouts broken down by the program(s) you are enrolled in. The payment trends view is controlled using the data filter on the page. The payment schedule is determined by the program design. Please refer to your program guide for more details.

Total earnings map

The total earning map shows you in what locales you made money. Where you made a transaction is what is reflected in the map. This means that if you made a sale in the US you will see it reflected in the map. This view is program-agnostic.

Product earnings summary

The Product/Program earnings and payments table shows a breakdown of total earnings amount, unpaid earnings, upcoming payments, and total paid-to-date per program/product.

Analyze incentives earnings

Find out where your organization has room to earn more through the incentives programs and where you have already been paid. This data makes it clear where you have earned but have not yet been paid. Understand which programs and activities have been most successful as well as find out which of your locations is earning. By program you can see what the total earnings potential is, the time during which you can participate in the program and when it expires. Each program and type of earning will have different requirements and start and end dates.

The earning trends graph shows the general direction in which your earnings are developing or changing. The graph view, controlled by the date range selector, will display data depending on the date range you select.

Paid earnings Successfully paid out earnings
Unpaid earnings Earnings not yet scheduled for payment

Earning types

There are two types of earnings:

  • Rebate
  • Adjustment

Unpaid earnings summary

The unpaid earnings table shows you a summary of the unpaid earnings that have not been scheduled for payment. It is divided by Program/Product and earning type. You can see when the earning period started and the end date on which the earning was finalized. The earning active date is when the earnings are mature enough to be eligible for a payout. The expiration date is applicable if earnings can expire and not be paid.

Payments and statements

The map on the Payments and statements page shows you the payments from transactions based on location. For example, if you made a sale in the US and received payment for it, this will appear on the map. This view is an aggregate of all programs you are involved in.


The payments table presents all the payments that have been made in the last 12 months. It is broken down by program and earning type. You can see when the earning period started and when it completed. When the payment is sent to the bank, you will see the payment date and payment ID.


Statements are produced when a payout has been sent to the bank. Click View to see details of the payouts.

Download transactions shows a detailed view of the transactions and earnings associated with payouts that have occurred in that month.

Download payment detail breaks down the payments. If a payout was split into multiple payments, you can see how it was split in this detail view.

Download earnings and payment details

The following tables describe the fields that appear in the .csv statement files. Note that the exact fields you see may vary as we continue to update our reporting.

Downloading earnings transactions

Field Definition
EarningID Unique Identifier created for each earning line item
Partner name Registered name of partner in Partner Center
MPN/PCN MPN ID (Partner's Microsoft Partner Network ID)/ Public Customer Number
Location Country/Region of Partner's MPN V-Org ID
Program name Name of the incentive program
Customer name Name of the customer
Customer location Country in which the customer is located
Master agreement number Agreement name
InvoiceNumber Invoice number
Agreement number License agreement number
Subscription ID Subscription ID
Agreement start date Start date of licensing agreement
Agreement end date End date of licensing agreement, including renewals and extensions
Subscription start date Start date of a subscription
Subscription end date End date of a subscription
Product SKU SKU number for a product
Product name Name of the Microsoft product
Transaction date The date and time the transaction occurred (UTC).
License count Number of licenses sold
Quantity Number of units sold
Prior quantity Quantity of units from last earning period
Unit price Price per unit sold
Transaction amount Calculation Rate is multiplied with this amount to calculate incentive earnings
Transaction currency Subscription or volume licensing billing currency
Lever/Accelerator Incentive lever that applies to this transaction
Calculation rate Calculation rate
Earning date Date when earning is recognized
Earning period Earning period based on program
Earning period start Beginning of an earning period for a program (UTC)
Earning period end End of an earning period for a program (UTC)
Calculation Date When earning is calculated (UTC)
Earning currency Currency of earning amount
Earning FX rate FX rate used to convert from transaction currency to earning currency
Report currency Currency used for reports
Report earning amount Earnings shown in reporting currency
Report FX rate FX rate used to convert from earning currency to reporting currency
Rebate earning amount Amount considered rebate (USD)
Coop earning amount Amount considered coop (USD)
ExchangeRateDate Exchange rate date
Payment ID An internal number used to reconcile earned incentives with payments
PaymentStatus Shows whether earnings have been paid or payment is still pending

Downloading payment details

Column name Description
Partner name Registered name of partner in Partner Center
MPN/PCN MPN ID (Partner's Microsoft Partner Network ID)/ Public Customer Number
Location Country/Region of Partner's MPN V-Org ID
Program Name Name of the incentive program
Earning type Earning type (rebate, adjustment)
Payment amount currency The type of currency used for payment
Payment amount Amount partner will be paid
Withholding tax Withholding tax amount
Payment ID An internal number used to reconcile earned incentives with payments
Payment reference Unique identifier for each payment, that includes the Payment ID, which Microsoft provides to your bank.
Payment description Describes type of payment
Payment date Date when payment was made
Payment fiscal month Payment fiscal month
Payment fiscal year Payment fiscal year
Payment method Mode of payment, i.e. Credit Memo/ Wire Transfer/ Check etc.
Payment status Where a payment is in the payment process
Exchange rate date Date of the Exchange Rate used for the currency conversion
Payment to USD Currency Conversion Conversion from payment currency to USD
Rebate amount Paid rebate amount
Earning period Earning period