PlayReady Product Versions

The following table shows the feature availability for each version of the PlayReady products. Click a version number in the table for more details on the specific features available for that release.


Release date Version What's new PlayReady Server SDK PlayReady Device Porting Kit PlayReady Certificate Generation Kit PlayReady PC SDK for Windows 7 Desktop Apps
Jun'08 1.0 Initial version 1.0.1105 1.0.1130 1.0.1130 1.1
Oct'08 1.2 Embedded Licenses 1.2.1404 1.2.1404 1.2.1404 1.2
May'09 1.3 Specifications section 1.3
Apr'10 1.5 Common Encryption Smooth Streaming 1.5.4018 1.5 No further enhancements
Sep'10 1.5.2 Security improvements 1.5.4094
Sep'11 2.0 - Live TV with Key Rotation through Scalable Embedded Licenses
- Silverlight Client Verification
2.0.1402 2.0.1402 2.0.1402
Apr'12 2.1 - PlayEnablers for additional policies
- License Template Handler
Dec'12 2.5 - PlayReady-Network Device (PlayReady-ND) 2.5.1789 2.5.1778
Nov'13 2.9 - LicenseTemplateHandlerChaining sample
- Support for iOS and Android
May'14 2.11 - MPEG-DASH
- Updated PlayReady-ND test transmitter
- Updates to PlayReady Client SDK for iOS
- Updates to PlayReady Client SDK for Android
Mar'15 3.0 - SL3000
- Multiple Keys
- Secure Stop
- Improvements for non-persistent licenses
3.0 3.0.4019 3.0.2726
Sep'16 3.2 Secure Time (Secure Clock Service in the TEE) 3.2.4242 3.2.4242 Deprecated
Apr'17 3.3 - New CDMi module
- Fix for vulnerabilities in the PK header parser
3.3.4474 3.3.4475
Oct'17 4.0 - Expanded support for multiple Common Encryption Modes, including CBC1, CBCS, and CENS.
- Secure Delete support
4.0.5117 4.0.5102 4.0 No longer distributed (see PlayReady on Windows)


Porting Kit Version Compatibility with Server SDK Versions

The following table lists the compatibility between the various PlayReady Device Porting Kit and PlayReady Server SDK versions:

  Server SDK v1.5.2 Server SDK v2.1 and Server SDK v2.9 Server SDK v3.0 Server SDK v4.0
PK v4.x No Yes Yes Yes
PK v3.x No Yes Yes Yes
PK v2.5 and v2.11 Yes Yes Yes Yes


Even though PlayReady v3.X/4.X based clients work against a Server running Server SDK v2.1 or v2.9, Microsoft recommends that customers running Server SDK v1.5.2 upgrade to the latest version of the Server SDK instead of upgrading to Server SDK v2.1 or v2.9. This will ensure that you are on a much more supportable path. The latest version available as of January 2018 is Server SDK 4.0

For more information on PlayReady Device Porting Kit and PlayReady Server SDK compatibility and migration considerations, see the Compatibility and Migration Considerations for PlayReady 3.0/4.0 white paper on the PlayReady Documents website.