OptionMetadata ComplexType

Contains metadata representing an option within an Option set.


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
Value Edm.Int32

The value of the option.

Label Label

The label containing the text for the option.

Description Label

The label containing the description for the option.

Color Edm.String

The Hex color assigned to the option

IsManaged Edm.Boolean

Whether the option is part of a managed solution.

ExternalValue Edm.String
ParentValues Collection( Edm.Int32 )
MetadataId Edm.Guid

A unique identifier for the metadata item

HasChanged Edm.Boolean

Gets whether the item of metadata has changed.

Used by

The following use the OptionMetadata ComplexType.

Name How used
BooleanOptionSetMetadata Property
BooleanOptionSetMetadata Property
OptionSetMetadata Property
ComplexBooleanOptionSetMetadata Property
ComplexBooleanOptionSetMetadata Property
ComplexOptionSetMetadata Property

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